Partially modelled 3D laser scan of c 8th Century stone slab - Marigold decoration in lower right

Partially modelled 3D laser scan of c 8th Century stone slab - Marigold decoration in lower right
Marigold stone slab, from Tullylease in North Cork, Ireland, a partially modelled 3D laser scan, screenshot from Rapidform Software shows damage and flaking to the surface of the stone.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Phillipe Brodeur

Brodeur as a practising professional in the tranmedia domain is very engaging speaking on how the revolution will be televised - it will be live, linear, and VOD (video on demand). He speaks about 'personalised' tv as the future.

We have a TV in our pockets with a smartphone - there is a problem with definition - where our traditional idea of the set - the idiot box - the channel, and how content is mediated through all of that apparatus is changing. He identifies new modes for the transmission of information - and asks... 'What would Google Do?' and also 'What would Facebook Do?'
WWGD - they are organising the world's information
WWFD - they are sharing the world's information

Even with the advent of iplayers, or the rte player, or channel 4 on demand 4OD,
95% of tv is watched within 24 hours of being scheduled (Deloitte, 2012) we are still governed by our schedule and the time of the day - so this new concept of 'Connected tv' - what is it - because it still delivers a real time watercooler effect.

We now have new devices - that map on to the 'Connected tv' experience with the idea of the companion screen, the 'phone, laptop or iPad that we are using while watching a film or tv at home. This idea is not new, when you think about it we have always multitasked with tv - eating, 'phone calls, newspapers etc., except that now we are watching a film on tv while checking out facebook, checking a twitterfeed or flicking through flickr.

Film on TV is no longer just about a 2 hour slot on a schedule - so producers need to maximise the 'event' and build marketing/interest around that slot in order to create that sense of 'event'.

The Connected tv is a SMART tv too - it is no longer the idiot box...

Youtube came out with 100 linear channels - Ireland has 5 channels in 50 years. Brodeur's
Aertv - has created 2 channels since October 2011 - unique Music content, Film linked to the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival JDIFF, what they are doing is unique. The 2009 broadcasting act in Ireland is such that, unlike other domains, - they can stream the national channels while they are happening...

So - you can't compare linear tv with VOD - it is like comparing apples and oranges - we are now in an environment with lots of screens, lots of social media, Netflix (is available on 450 devices) every internet tv will have its own viewing experience (open up device and get a new homepage...).

Brodeur argues that in terms of broadcasting history and development we are now in stage 3 - the consumers are in control! It may take people a lot of time to change their tvs, but the revolution will be televised.

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